Body Sport® Loop Exercise Bands
Body Sport®

Body Sport® Loop Exercise Bands


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Strengthen & Condition Better!

BodySport Loop Resistance Bands are excellent for exercising hip and leg muscles to strengthen, rehabilitate, condition, or train. They fit comfortably around the upper and lower legs, providing resistance that challenges the muscles. Body Sport Loop Exercise Bands are available in four color coded progressive levels of resistance. 

Loop Exercise band Features

  • Available in four color-coded resistance levels
  • 2" wide, 12" long
  • Fit comfortably around the upper and lower legs
  • Great for exercising hip and leg muscles
  • Ideal for short, limited movements
  • Contain latex

Perfect for Small Movements
Measuring 12 inches long by 2 inches wide, these resistance loops are perfect for small movements such as forward, backward, and sideways stepping.

Choose Your Right Resistance
These high-quality loop bands are available in four color-coded resistance levels: Blue (Low Resistance), Yellow (Medium Resistance), Red (Heavy Resistance) and Green (Extra Heavy Resistance).

Durable & Tear Resistant
Designed for repeated use, the bands are made from quality materials and manufactured to create tear-resistant exercise bands that will hold up to frequent and intense use.

Great for Building Strength
At 12 inches in length, these bands restrain your movement to short bursts of exercise, giving intense burn with minimal motion that is perfect for building strength!

Smooth, Consistent Stretch
BodySport® loop resistance bands are made of natural latex rubber, which provides a smooth, comfortable, and consistent stretch.

Multiple Uses in One!
Use BodySport Resistance Loop Bands for a variety of exercises, including strength training, flexibility, yoga, Pilates, rehab, and targeted resistance work on specific muscle groups.

Prop 65 Warning - Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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