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Improve your workouts by engaging in balance and stability training with best-in-value essentials from BodySport®. With BodySport®, you can fill your fitness space with the balance trainers and stability balls you need without breaking the bank. Our products are manufactured to meet or exceed the design of brand name products—while remaining affordable.

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Woman sitting on Balance Disc
BodySport Balance Disc In Use with Weights and Stability Ball

Why Balance Is Essential to Your Workout

Your core is your body’s balance powerhouse. When you challenge your core with balance training, you will improve your body’s mobility while supporting your fitness routine and everyday activities. Balance training requires an exceptional amount of mental focus, so incorporating it into your routine is truly a total-body workout.

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BodySport® Balance Disc Pro

Tone the muscles and train the core with the BodySport® Balance Disc Pro! Whether you’re new to balance training or a seasoned pro, our balance disc pro is durable, versatile, and cost-effective.

How to Use

Use the BodySport® Balance Disc Pro while sitting or standing. Wide enough to stand on with both feet, the Balance Disc Pro makes it simple to incorporate balancing training into any workout.

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Woman balancing on floor with Balance Disc Pro