Body Sport® Digital Timer
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BodySport® Digital Timer


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Accurate multi-function timer from Body Sport®

Ensure your clients get the most out of their workouts with this digital timer from Body Sport®. Its intuitive interface and included batteries make it ready to count up or down right out of the package. When you're in the gym, or on the field or track, the Body Sport® timer is the dependable timekeeper you can trust.


Body Sport Timer Features


  • Accurate timing.
  • Multi-function for treatment variation.
  • Counts up or down.
  • Requires one AAA battery (included).

Keep Track of Time
Whether timing patient treatment sessions or reminding yourself to eat lunch during a busy day in the office, this digital timer from BodySport is the dependable timekeeper you can count on. With an intuitive interface and batteries included, it is ready to start counting up or down in no time.

For accurate timing that keeps you on track, use this digital timer.

With multiple functions, this digital timer can be used for a variety of activities.

This digital timer can count up or down, working as a stopwatch or timer wherever you go.

Requires one AAA battery, which is included with this digital timer.

Ready to Use
The BodySport Digital Timer is a portable and accurate timekeeping tool. This timer runs on just one AAA battery, so you will be ready to keep time from the minute you take it out of the box.

Easy to Read
With large, clear digits, this digital timer can be used as a stopwatch or countdown timer. You can easily set, start, and stop with this timer’s large buttons.

Patient Treatment Timer
Use this digital timer to keep track of treatment sessions during appointments. 

Kitchen Timer
Keep a watchful eye on the dishes you cook in your kitchen with this digital timer.

Wake Up on Time
Set this digital timer while you take a quick nap, so you can get to where you need to be on time. 

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