BodyMed® Knee Walker

BodyMed® Knee Walker

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Portable and Foldable for Increased Mobility

The lightweight, foldable BodyMed Knee Walker with attachable basket is a sturdy, durable, and comfortable 4-wheel mobility aid that offers patients suffering from a footor ankle injury a smooth-rolling alternative to crutches during their recovery. This steerable knee scooter lets you easily maneuver through your home or public spaces, indoors or outside, and its lockable braking system helps you stop and keeps you securely in place when you need to stay put.

  • Sturdy, durable, and comfortable 4-wheel mobility aid
  • For patients suffering from a foot or ankle injury
  • Smooth-rolling alternative to crutches during recovery
  • Foldable walker features a sleek, compact design
  • Detachable features for easy installation, carrying, and storage
  • Includes an adjustable handlebar and knee pad
  • Foldable steering column
  • Front steering wheels
  • Dual back wheel brakes
  • Washable, plush knee pad cover
  • Attachable basket for personal storage
  • Steering column adjusts from 33"–41"
  • Knee pad column adjusts from 19"–23"
  • Max Weight Capacity: 300 lb.

Package Contains

  • Padded contoured knee pad
  • Handlebar with anti-slide grips and hand brakes
  • Height adjustable steering column, 33"–41"
  • Height adjustable knee pad column, 19"­–23"
  • Front and back wheels, 7.8" diameter
  • Dual back wheel brakes
  • Sturdy dual bar frame
  • Attachable basket
  • Washable knee pad cover

Get Out and About
Use the BodyMed Knee Walker wherever you go: at home, out shopping, enjoying the outdoors, and at the office. This portable, steerable knee scooter is convenient on vacation, and traveling with a knee walking caddy is easy! Don't cancel your plans when you have an injury—the knee mobility walker makes amusement parks, trade shows, and music festivals more accessible for you and your family.

Detachable Basket for Personal Items
Secure your personal items safely using the attachable basket! Conveniently located on the front, keep your personal items at arm’s reach.

Adjustable Height
The steering column and knee pad column are adjustable, allowing you to find the height that suits you.

Lightweight & Durable
With a maximum weight limit of 300 lb., this sturdy and durable mobility aid provides the security you need while remaining lightweight at approximately 20 lb. for easy portability.

Prevents Reinjury
The BodyMed Knee Walker provides you with weight-bearing stability as it allows you to take weight off of your injury, thus further aiding your recovery.

Dual Rear Braking System
Dedicated to keeping you safe, the BodyMed Knee Walker features a dual rear braking system triggered by hand brakes for quick stopping and easy control of the roller.

Overall Comfort
With your comfort in mind, the BodyMed rolling knee walker provides a smooth, not jarring ride so it’s easier on your joints and body overall. It also allows you to be hands-free when stopped, an advantage over crutches that can rub or irritate under the arm.

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