BodySport® Adjustable Hurdles
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BodySport® Adjustable Hurdles

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Adjustable Athletic Speed Training Hurdles 

These high-quality BodySport Adjustable Speed Training Hurdles are perfect for quickly building agility and coordination. These hurdles are the choice tool used by professional and new athletes to boost overall athletic performance, no matter the sport. These hurdles can be adjusted to 6, 9, or 12 in. tall so the user can progressively challenge themselves as they improve. They're also ultra-lightweight and collapsible so that they can be easily folded, carried around, or stored. Get a set of five brightly colored hurdles that are built to last and used to build agility and jumping abilities over time. An extra large carry bag is included to easily bring your hurdles with you wherever you go as well as any other small items you may need for training.

  • Set of 5 adjustable hurdles that fold for easy storage
  • 3 height adjustments: 6”, 9”, and 12”
  • Made with lightweight, durable, and weatherproof PVC in neon green for high visibility
  • Designed with a stable base to help keep them upright, even in windy conditions, and are lightweight for easy portability.
  • Get faster, grow stronger
  • Perfect for building agility and coordination
  • Used by new and professional athletes to boost overall athletic performance

How to Train with BodySport® Adjustable Hurdles

  • Lateral Agility – Run sideways over the hurdles with your hips forward and your knees high to build lateral quickness and agility.
  • Straight-Line Speed – Run forward and step over the hurdles as quickly as you can, focusing on your speed and quickness. Experiment with different heights and distances as you craft your training regimen.
  • Plyometrics (Standing Jump) – Train your jump height and distance by leaping over a hurdle from a standing position. Adjust the height and distance as your jumping ability improves.

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