BodySport® Donut Ball
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BodySport® Donut Ball

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Dynamic & Versatile Core, Balance, & Flexibility Training!

The BodySport® Donut Ball offers enhanced training and recovery opportunities to help improve flexibility, coordination, balance, and posture and strengthen core muscles! Featuring a subtle texture, nonslip surface to help improve grip and resilient PVC material, this fitness ball is designed to withstand heavy repeated use— during treatments, workouts, and more!

Enhanced Features

  • Durable, versatile design for stability, balance, flexibility, and core training.
  • Made with PVC material.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex.
  • One (1) flat side and one (1) rounded side.
  • Ideal for yoga, Pilates, and strength training.
  • Available in five (5) color-coded sizes: Purple, Green, Yellow, Red, and Blue.

Package Includes

  • One (1) Donut Ball
  • One (1) Pump
  • Two (2) Plugs
  • One (1) Plug Remover
  • One (1) Safety and Care Sheet
  • One (1) Instruction Sheet

A Classic Redefined
An update on the classic fitness and stability ball, the BodySport® Donut Ball features both a rounded and flat side, adding more versatility to any routine. The flat side allows the ball to rest against the floor while the rounded side acts like a regular exercise ball, triggering active muscle engagement to stabilize and balance the body.

Allergy Friendly Material
This therapy ball is not made with natural rubber latex, making it suitable for those sensitive to latex.

Durable Support for Multiple Users
Designed for a variety of body types, this yoga ball has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lb. (136 kg)

Perfect for Little Users!
The durability and size of the BodySport Donut Ball makes it the ideal companion for children! A great way to play in place, this donut ball may help children bounce out their fidgets, release energy, and keep them engaged in tasks—all while toning leg and core muscles.

Choose the Right Size!
Ideal for children to adults, this fitness ball is available in five color-coded sizes with diameters from 17.7 in. (45 cm) to 33.5 in. (85 cm), making it suitable for a range of heights. Use itl anywhere for stability, toning, balance, flexibility, vestibular movement, and core training with workout routines including yoga, Pilates, and strength training.

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