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A Must-Have Home Gym Essential

Upgrade your at-home workout with the easy-to-use Body Sport Glider! Simple, lightweight, and functional, the Body Sport Glider adds new versatility to your routine without bulk to your workout area. Add new complexity to tone, tighten, and strengthen your agility with the Body Sport Glider!

  • 7 x 7 x 1 inches
  • 7.2 oz

Turn Any Floor into a Personal Gym
The Body Sport Glider set includes two discs for your hands or feet! Each glider is double sided with one side featuring sturdy plastic while the other is firm, dense foam, making them ideal for use on both carpeted and hard floor surfaces.

Features a double-sided design—one side of sturdy plastic and the other of firm, dense foam—that allows these exercise discs to be used on carpeted or hard flooring.

Lightweight and portable, allowing users to turn any floor into a personal gym. These simple and easy-to-use glider exercise discs are an affordable alternative to expensive and bulky exercise equipment.

Endless Possibilities
Add a new dimension to pushups, lunges, mountain climbers, and more, creating core-challenging intensity. These gliding discs enable a nearly endless range of body weight exercises to gain strength in the arms, legs, and core; build endurance and flexibility; and shape and tone the body.

Low Impact
Keep the user’s hands and feet on the floor, making any exercise routine low impact, thereby reducing wear and tear on joints.



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