BodySport® 5" Wide, Bulk Packaged Exercise Resistance Bands, Latex Free, 50 yd Rolls
Body Sport®

BodySport® 5" Wide, Bulk Packaged Exercise Resistance Bands, Latex Free, 50 yd Rolls


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A Big Roll of Fitness Fun

Body Sport Bulk Exercise Bands provide progressive resistance training workouts by combining range of motion, stretching and flexing to improve muscle strength, tone and endurance. When you buy a bulk roll of resistance bands, you can cut them to the needed size, saving you money when compared to pre-cut bands. Safe and effective, Body Sport Bulk Exercise Bands eliminate jarring spring-backs and allow proper circulation by spreading resistance over a wide surface area. Provide the same exact benefits as do regular exercise rubber bands – they simply don't have the complications of possible allergy interactions

Body Sport Bulk Exercise Bands Feature

  • Provide advanced full-body range of motion workouts to muscles and joints.
  • Intended for therapeutic and fitness training.
  • Perfect for bicep curls, lat pulls, chest extensions, squats to side lateral arm raises and many other exercises.
  • Latex free
  • Tear Resistant
  • Comes in 5" width, 50 yd. rolls.

Full Body Workout
Body Sport exercise resistance bands are versatile tool that enable you to perform a full body workout without investing in expensive equipment. Workout bands’ resistance is great for engaging muscles throughout the entire body, including legs and butt, arms, chest, shoulders, abs, back and core.

Building Strength & Endurance
Exercise bands are excellent for increasing muscle strength and endurance. They can be used on their own – with the user working solely against the exercise band’s built-in resistance – or they can be incorporated into body weight exercises such as pushups to increase the difficulty. Unlike free weights, resistance workout bands provide tension throughout the entirety of an exercise movement, keeping muscles fully engaged from start to finish.

Stretching/Flexibility/Range of Motion
Stretch bands can be a great help if you’re looking to improve your overall flexibility or your range of motion in a specific area. The tension of a resistance band can help you deepen any stretch you’re currently doing. They can also be looped around a foot to provide an anchor for stretching the quads, inner thigh, hamstrings and hips. Elastic bands are excellent for exercising the lower back, upper back and shoulder blades, rotator cuff, chest muscles and other areas, for improved range of motion.

Resistance bands are a popular tool among physical therapists. Stretch bands are excellent for physical therapy, offering gentle tension for gradually strengthening muscles and stabilizing joints following an injury or surgery. Resistance bands are particularly effective for helping patients recover from a rotator cuff or other shoulder injury.

Perfect For All Types of Fitness Enthusiasts
Elite athletes regularly use resistance bands for building explosive power, speed and quickness in their legs. For active exercisers or runners, resistance bands are a great way to stretch and warm up muscles prior to exercise, reducing the risk of injury. An excellent first step on the journey to fitness for beginners, resistance bands remove many of the barriers that prevent people from exercising. If you’re 55 or older, regular use of resistance bands can help you become stronger and gain flexibility.

Prop 65 Warning - Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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