BodySport® Yoga Wheel
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BodySport® Yoga Wheel


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Elevate & Invigorate Your Workout

Challenge your core, open your body, and strengthen your muscles and joints with the versatile BodySport Yoga Wheel! This lightweight and portable fitness device is the ideal workout companion to enhance stretches and help you achieve your desired yoga pose—anytime, anywhere.

Product Features

  • Materials: TPE Foam & ABS Inner Tube
  • Dimensions: 5 in. wide; 12.6 in. diameter
  • Weight: 2.86 lb.
  • Max. Weight Limit: 330 lb.
  • Available in Blue and Purple

What Is a Yoga Wheel?
A yoga wheel is an easy-to-use fitness device designed to help you stretch, improve flexibility, tone your body, and release tension. As a versatile aid, yoga wheels can help users build stamina and experience a deeper stretch to open up the back, chest, shoulders, torso, and hips. Benefits include stretching and strengthening, improving balance and flexibility, helping support alignment, and more.

Improved Comfort
Designed with your comfort in mind, this durable yoga wheel features plush TPE foam padding around the exterior for premium support while you exercise—plus it doesn’t trap in odors!

Anti-Slip Tread
It also features an anti-slip tread pattern for added protection so you can stretch without concern!

Suitable for All Levels
From beginners to expert yogis, this lightweight, deluxe yoga stretching wheel is suitable for all skill levels.

Simple & Sleek
This portable fitness device features a simple, sleek design that fits the curve of the back for enhanced stretching.

Stretch Out!
Open the body and stretch out your ligaments and joints with the help of the BodyMed Yoga Wheel. With its seamless design, use this yoga wheel to help stretch and relax the back, shoulders, spine, hips, chest, and abdomen.

Impact-Resistant, Durable Support
In addition to its exterior TPE foam padding, this yoga wheel features an ABS inner tube for added impact resistance during use.

Add the Yoga Wheel to Your Routine!

Child’s Pose
Seated in the kneeling position, bend forward until your head touches the floor. Extend your arms forward, with each hand on either side of a yoga wheel, and roll the wheel forward slowly to open the shoulder and help stretch the back.

Spinal Stretch
Place the yoga wheel in the center of your back. Laying over the wheel, bring your arms out to the sides, and let your head hang backwards to stretch the spine.

Forward Fold
Sitting with your legs forward, place the yoga wheel under your calves. Then, gripping the wheel on both sides with your hands, pull yourself forward to deepen the stretch.

Reclining Easy Pose
Sitting on the floor cross-legged, position the yoga wheel behind you in alignment with your spine. Place your hands on your knees, palms up, and close your eyes. On an exhale, slowly lean backwards against the yoga wheel, until your head comes to rest on the top.

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