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BodySport® Pump Set Weight Plate

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Tighten & Tone the Body

Boost your strength training routine with the Body Sport® Pump Set Weight Plate, available in 3 weights options and sold individually! This durable weight plate is essential for building strength, toning muscles, and supporting range of motion. The Body Sport® Pump Set Weight Plate is rubber encased and fits on standard weight bars. Use this best-in-value weight plate for bicep curls, bench presses, deadlifts, and more.

The BodySport® Pump Set Weight Plate Features:

  • Plates are sold individually
  • 2.5 lb. plates
  • 5 lb. plates
  • 10 lb. plates
  • Rubber encased weights fit on the Pump Set Standard Weight Bar and other standard weight bars

Suitable for All Fitness Levels
The Body Sport® Pump Set Weight Plate is ideal for taking your training to the next level. Available in 10 lb., 5 lb., and 2.5 lb., this rubber encased weight plate is suitable for fitness enthusiasts and professionals.

Maximize Your Space & Workout
Enjoy less fitness equipment with the Body Sport® Pump Set Weight Plate. When you incorporate this weight plate into your routine, you can replace dumbbells or kettlebells to maximize your space. Plus—this weight plate can be used for so much more than lifting. Use it while you do push-ups, planks, or front shoulder raises.

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