Body Sport® Twist and Flex Bar
Body Sport®

Body Sport® Twist and Flex Bar

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Improve Strength and Reduce Forearm and Elbow Discomfort

Strengthen and support sore, injured elbows, arms, hands, and shoulders with the BodySport® Twist & Flex Bar. Cylindrically shaped with a 1.5"" diameter and 12"" length, the Twist & Flex Bar is made with dry natural rubber durable enough to withstand repeated bending, twisting, and oscillating exercises.

Improve Strength

Convenient, portable, and easy to use, the BodySport Twist & Flex Bar is designed to help improve strength and reduce forearm and elbow discomfort.

Aid Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow

This twist bar offers an effective alternative for aiding tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow as well as helping to improve grip in the hand and strength in the arm and shoulder.

Recommended Uses

Use it to perform various twisting, oscillating, and bending exercises with the aid of the outer ridges for easy gripping. It is recommended for users suffering from hand, arm, elbow, and shoulder overuse to help reduce associated muscle discomfort and/or weakness.

Multiple Resistance Levels

Designed for all ages and athletic levels, the Flexibar is available in four color-coded, progressive resistance levels measured in pounds of force to bend the bar: yellow (7 lb., extra light), red (11 lb., light), green (15 lb., medium), and blue (24 lb., heavy).

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